30 sekunder

A short documentary from SVT with a new spin on the Palme murder.

I feel that the documentary is well done, with a new interesting plot twist: Christer Petterson was actually around Tunnelgatan at the time waiting for his dealer. He did show up on the murder scene, about 20 seconds after the murder. This would, according to the producers, prove that Lisbeth Palme was correct when identifying him, with the complication that she mistook him for being the murderer instead of just a witness.

It is an interesting theory, however with a number of problems.

The producers choose not to (or probably failed to) interview the most important witness, Anders Björkman. The spend however a lot of time with witnesses Leif Ljungqvist (the chevy man) and Inge Mårelius. The problem with these two gentlemen in that they are so convinced about what they saw, and that they “interpret” the situation instead of just telling us what happened.

My main problem with the theory is that the producers claim that Christer Petterson was hiding in in an entrance waiting for hos dealer. Anders Björkman was walking back and forth on Svevägen for 5-10 minutes before the murder (he is a bit unclear about where and for how long, however he was watching/waiting for some latecoming friends). He did NOT se a junkie hiding there, he would have noticed. I am also sure that it is Anders Björkman that Inge Mårelius sees while he is parked, waiting for his friends to get money from the ATM. Unfortunately, Mårelius creates this whole story where he is convinced this is the murderer. I do not believe so, I believe it is Björkman.

Also, nothing points to the fact that Petterson was witing for his dealer (Sigge Cedergren). Christer had previously been on the Oxen club, and Sigge was not there. So why wait on Sveavägen for Sigge to come from Oxen? Makes no sense. Remember it was a very cold night in february.

So, the conclusion is that this is a documentary that is a nice addition to the plethory of books and documentaries about the Palme murder. But it fails to answer all questions.


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