Pimp your Rails site with some Vue.js

Rails is great, but nowadays a full page refresh is as unpopular as  male ponytails or shoulder pads.

Some write full-stack SPA sites, which is a horrible solution to us that are used to Rails superpowers. So much unnecessary code!

With Vue.js, you can keep Rails and “slip in” som niceties, step by step. Beginning with some form addons, and later on move to a more fuller JS experience.

With React you must take a bigger first step, Vue let’s you start on a smaller scale, making it possible to implement a minor part of the site without anyone noticing, and then letting the boss know: “hey by the way, I tried a few lines of Vue on this page and it looks good, right?”.

Budget-responsible folks always seem to dislike big ruptures in the codebase for some reason…

Please also watch this short talk/demo by Zach Briggs:

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