Rails Console tips

Sometimes you want to test queries etc from the Rails Console that requiers you to be logged in (for example via Devise).

This is how you do it:

credit to Eric London: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4929078/how-to-sign-in-a-user-using-devise-from-a-rails-console
(note that the accepted answer is not the best one!)

Code is modified sine I use virtual attribute “login” (username or email) instead of just email

# get csrf token
app.get  '/users/sign_in'
csrf_token = app.session[:_csrf_token]
# log in
app.post('/users/sign_in', {"authenticity_token"=>csrf_token, "user"=>{"login"=>"fshsweden", "password"=>"*******"}})
# get new csrf token, as auth user
app.get ''
csrf_token = app.session[:_csrf_token]
# make a POST request
app.post '/some_request.json', {"some_value"=>"wee", "authenticity_token"=>csrf_token}
# make a GET request
app.get '/some_other_request.json'

Accessing the current user


Benchmarking code

puts Benchmark.measure { User.find(:first, :select => :id, :conditions => ["name = ?","Joe"]).id }

Faking Web requests

app.post('/foo', {"this" => "that", "items" => ["bar", "baz"]})
app.put('/foo', {"this" => "that", "items" => ["bar", "baz"]})

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