Rails Resources

Gems you NEED

12 gems every rails developer should know 2016
7 must have gems to install on any project
8 useful ruby on rails gems we couldnt live without

10 Must Have Ruby Gems

A gem for every occasion 11 great ruby libraries we use on every-project

A list of 30 Blogs:
ruby on rails blogs

Some Blogs/Sites about Rails that I like:


Some good articles:

How to create a blog from scratch using ruby on rails

Deploying a blog to Heroku:
Full blog app tutorial on rails zero to deploy

Web anim

Rails and AJAX
Update rails views via ajax
Rails 3 remote links and forms
Working with javascript in rails
Updating rails view from js using remote = true
Problem: rails.js erb remote response not executing
Why escape-javascript before rendering a partial

Loading spinners in rails

JQuery stuff

A guide to building meteor apps for rails developers

Working with javascript in rails

Top 10 mistakes that rails programmers make

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